How to test inner loops

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Blog

How to test inner loops In this blog post we will look at something that has kept me busy for a couple of days, writing tests for code with inner loops. Loops are very common and although it is often easy to understand how they are intended to work, it can be surprisingly difficult to test them. Fortunately, QuickCheck has a very cool block/unblock feature that allows you to split a loop into smaller, more manageable chunks that can be tested in a straightforward way. To illustrate how the block and unblock feature works I will implement a simple TCP/IP time server that lets users connect to the port it is listening to and then replies with a text message telling what time it is. It is simple but complicated enough for this blog post. A first (loop-less) version of the time server Let us start with a very simple version of the time server without loops that only allows for a single user to connect to it. This will serve as an introduction to how to write QuickCheck component tests and will set the stage for the next section where we add an inner loop. If you have already written QuickCheck tests, the material in this section will...

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